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I love animal crossing because after a really shitty day where you feel like everyone hates you and you have fucked up beyond belief—you can open up your 3DS and right in front of you is a little world of creatures who love you unconditionally.

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A few days ago, I was inspired by this post I made on my personal blog to make a record store in my AC village. 

So, here is: Inkstone Records. My alt-alt character Rufus uses this as his home. 

From top to bottom & left to right: wide view of the whole room; the checkout counter and the stacks of vinyl; Rufus at a listening station (remember those?); close up view of the back and the middle of the room. 

If I have enough room, I want to line all of the free spaces on the wall with KK Slider songs. Right now I put up everything I had, but eventually it will all be “good” music on the wall. 

What do you think? :-D

While we’re at it, my Top 5 Record Stores I Have Visited, in no particular order:

  1. Louisiana Music Factory, New Orleans
  2. Reckless Records, Chicago
  3. HMV, Toronto
  4. Rasputin Music, San Francisco
  5. Luna Music, Indianapolis

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